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White Nationalism

After reading this article, where Ted Cruz says that he is a Christian first, American second, I was pretty angry. Vindman (or someone like Omar) would be blasted if they said this, despite someone like Vindman being one of the most respectable people I have seen questioned. Unless you refuse to think critically about the point of the justice system, he showed the utmost dignity required of someone. He made this decision knowing Trump would most likely fire him and he put his life at danger from Trump radicals and anti-semetic / white nationalists. The point of this post is to spell out for people what it means to be prejudiced and particularly a racial prejudice fueled by American’s white nationalism.

This is one of the most ranty blog posts I have, I am not going to sit out there and cite all the facts and data. I could go and argue that Trump’s travel ban shows inconsistences that can only be explained as well by racism, but that would take too long. For way better discussions of racism in particular, Ibram X. Kendi has some great points. The gist of this post is just that racism is more difficult to spot lately.

What does it mean to be prejudiced

To explain what a prejudice is, let us look at two cases. One is sexism and the other is what Peter Singer calls speciesism. First, no one denies that there are differences between people. Almost every person thinks and looks differently. A prejudice uses one of these differences and makes a false inference about some other capacity or right they may have. For women, it is that because they are women they are not as smart and should not vote (at least this is how it has been argued in the past). However, there exists women who are smarter than men in all notions of the word smart. So it cannot be the case that on this fact alone, that a person is a woman, that they do not deserve the right to vote. If you want to make an intelligence test then that tests if man or woman should be allowed to vote, that is at least not prejudiced against sex.

Singer uses this line of reasoning to make the case that we are prejudiced in how we treat animals. When examing humans, people will say that it is wrong to harm them because they will feel pain. Animals feel pain as well. If the relevant property for not harming someone is that they will feel pain, then we should treat like cases alike and not harm animals as well. There are deeper philosophical issues that are irrelevant, but the point stands.

A prejudice is when we take some irrelevant property about someone and make it relevant, but only for the some other class of people and it is not applied to you own. Here are some examples of white racism that people just do not think it is. White people, as I know, have a hard time understanding that racism is not just screaming the n word as you beat someone or enslaving them or not allowing them a job merely because they are black. Similar to how someone may use bad logic in the case of not allowing women to vote, I am going to call the process of using some irrational argument that is applied inconsistently masking”. Sexist mask their prejudice by saying there is some difference that matters between woman and man that actually does not matter for some purpose.

Examples of racism


Birtherism was the conspiracy theory that was hailed by Trump and Fox News outlets that was claiming Obama was not born in America. He was the only president held to this standard and there was no factual basis for this claim. If you examine the common factors of all the presidents who were and were not asked about where they were born to this extent, the white ones were asked and the black one was not.

Dual loyalty

This is the reason that the picture is Vindman in this post. There was no evidence of Vindman being a double agent or having dual loyalty. Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Sara Carter, and other Fox News people were claiming this in an attempt to attack his personality since they knew that no Trump supporters were going to read or watch any primary sources of the impeachment trial. The massive prejudice shown by all of this is that Vindman puts America first in his life and is questioned about his loyalty because he is Jewish. This attack was not levied on other people who testified.

If you are a christian and you are white, your loyalty is not questioned. If Vindman or Omar came out saying that they put their faith above anything else, America or party, people would be rioting in the streets. These people have to continually prove that they are just as American by actually being better Americans than the one who question it. No one is protesting over Ted Cruz saying he puts his religion above party. Which is laughable given anyone who is Christian knows that what would Jesus do” does not amount to building walls and letting poor people die.

Mayor Pete

Democrats have seemingly been quiet, except Bernie and other candidates supporters, that Pete Buttigeig led a racist mayorship. He was confronted about this during the debate, but it still gains little traction. There were articles written, there are accounts by people who were part of the South Bend local government, and there is the polling. When it comes to racism, I trust the voices of the victims the most as we all should. He was polling at, not a joke, 0% with black people towards the end of 2019. There is an SNL skit featuring a black family that does not want to talk about politics and they all laugh over a joke that was endorsing” Pete. If you are polling with 0% black people as a Republican, that is one thing. But Democrats are the ones who usually poll higher for historical reasons. Trump polls better.

The statistic was that black arrests increased under Mayor Pete for marijuana. The black population is smaller than the white, while the arrests were four times the rate of whites. As someone who has gone from rural Illinois, to a college campus, to NYC, weed is universal. The only reason I can think of is an aggressive policy of searching black people more than white people.

Crime and immigrants

Something like 1/3, give or take, of Americans have committed a crime, and using some simple probability, most people are friends or family with people that have committed a crime. However, minorities have it vastly harder if they have a criminal record. Specifically, there are a good amount of people that think that if you are an immigrant and you commit a crime, you should be sent back from where you came”. We hold people south of the border to a standard we do not hold ourselves. A lot of crimes happen because of accidents or moments of passion and weakness, or stupidity. To tell someone that they can never mess up or they have to go back is a standard white people do not follow either.

Stop and Frisk

People apparently forgot about NYCs stop and frisk policy, and people are finding out that you can mask your racism, but it does not beat the truth coming out with Mayor Bloomberg’s audio recording.

There are all sorts of reasons that can be given to mask racism. They can even sound good and reasonable. However, they are rarely applied to white people and christians. The end result is the same as if someone said we are going to discriminate X by doing Y”. Just because they say they are not doing it does not mean they are not doing it.

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