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My current favorite movies

This is just a list of some of my favorite movies I have watched since I started diving deep into this area. There is not real order and I do not think it makes sense to compare movies as better or worse, but to me there are some movies that just stick out. The first four movies on this list (An Elephant Sitting Still, The Sacrifice, Rashōmon, Tokyo Story) I think are the best movies I have seen so far, for many reasons. Also, there will be no spoilers in this, and I won’t give any reviews of the movies either.

An Elephant Sitting Still - Hu Bo

The Sacrifice - Andrei Tarkovsky

Rashōmon - Akira Kurosawa

Tokyo Story - Yasujirō Ozu

Wild Strawberries - Ingmar Bergman

Pierrot le Fou - Jean-Luc Godard

Only Lovers Left Alive - Jim Jarmusch

Paterson - Jim Jarmusch

Farewell My Concubine - Chen Kaige

In the Mood for Love - Wong Kar-wai

The Nightingale - Jennifer Kent

A Clockwork Orange - Stanley Kubrick

Cure - Kiyoshi Kurosawa

M - Fritz Lang

12 Angry Men - Sidney Lumet

Grass - Hong Sang-soo

Hotel by the River - Hong Sang-soo

Silence - Martin Scorsese

Stalker - Andrei Tarkovsky

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