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Josh’s A Spirit of Trust Reading Group

I am going to do a reading group on ASOT. If there is a lot of interest or we want to slow down we can, I just prefer to read it in one go. I like to read my books fast, but we will do. Chapter breakdowns of pages are an estimate, I just eyeballed em.

Introduction - 30 pages


  1. 26 pages
  2. 23 pages
  3. 30 pages
  4. 25 pages
  5. 35 pages
  6. 18 pages
  7. 37 pages
  8. 26 pages
  9. 50 pages
  10. 50 pages
  11. 58 pages
  12. 45 pages
  13. 30 pages
  14. 45 pages
  15. 35 pages
  16. 61 pages

Conclusion - 120 pages

Afterward - 10 pages

Here is the most up to date schedule

  • June 5 : Intro, Chapter 1
  • June 19 : Chapters 2, 3, and 4
  • June 26 : Chapters 5, 6, and 7
  • July 3 : Chapters 8 and 9
  • July 10 : Chapters 10 and 11
  • July 17 : Chapter 12
  • July 24 : Chapters 13 and 14
  • July 31 : Chapters 15 and 16
  • August 7 : First half of conclusion
  • August 14 : Second half of conclusion and afterword (plus anything else)

Meeting times will be 2pm-4:30pm EST.

Here is the zoom link.

Each meeting will be like ~3 hours? We can have a break in the middle. Depending on how many people are there.

Not sure how we will do it. Will also try and limit people talking so that everyone can have questions, keep question lengths down to a minimum but who knows how it will go.

Summary and then questions - Justin E.H. Smith’s third critique reading group had one person volunteer to do a summary for the reading and then it would be like a Q&A. Since there is a lot of reading we could also divy up the volunteering.

Just questions - If it is very small we can just do questions only and spend a more fluid time of doing exegesis and questions as we see fit.

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