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Dev and Tech Links

A collection of interesting / educational dev links.

Software Engineering

Business Rule Management System - Managing business logic

Google monorepo

Against notebooks - A talk against notebooks

Programming sucks

Git Flight Rules - Welcome aboard Git, dont fuck up master


Programming Paradigms

Conventional Commits - This allows you to commit the way commits should be, disjoint changes! Combine this with another -m, or edit in vim to add additional context to changes.

Low Level

Synacor Challenge - Implement a VM in any language challenge

Functional HDL - A functional hardware description language

OCAML HDL - Jane street HDL

Why is yes fast

Talk on compilers

Infra and Distributed

Google and building software systems - A talk by Jeff Dean

Scaling with heroku

Chaos Monkey as a service

Operating Systems

PopOS - is a an operating system made by the company system76 that is well liked.


German email service

Firefox send - Secure file transfer

Programming Languages

Rust Improving Figma - How Figma improved performance using Rust

How switch statements work

Stanford Rust Course

ArnoldC - Exactly

Hardware interrupts in Rust

Rust Review

Advent of Code - A good way to solve programming problems and learn programming languages

Haskell and Rust similarities

The Great Programming Language Shootout

The future of Rust


Ruby CLI tool - Replace CLI commands with 9 lines of ruby

Linux pipes tool

Bash adventure bash script that takes you on an adventure through UNIX

SSH Configs - You should be using an SSH config file

Emacs Guide

Gnu Ed

Emacs org mode - Wtf is emacs even

Git bisect - How to find where bugs are introduced with git bisect

Good dev tools

Time stamp note taking in Vim

Vim can do :make

Generate random passwords in command line

Intermediate Vim

Networking cheat sheet

Research and Academics

JeffEs algorithms

Repos and Projects

Corral A serverless map reduce framework written by one of my friends.

Hugo - Open source static site generator, similar to Jekyll

NES Emulator in Web Assembly

Rust Clippy - A collection of lints to catch common mistakes and improve your Rust code. - Cross platform build system

Netflix Simian Army - Netflix devops shit, with links to other devops shit

Stringer - Self hosted RSS without any bullshit


Free and Open Source Software

Considering support for the French operating system - The French have their own OS

Open Source @ illinois

NCSA License

Dont sign that CLA - Open source politics with contributor license agreements

Announcing the GNU Kind Communication Guidelines - Just some Richard Stallman D&I teachings in the FOSS community

Bug bounties in the EU - The EU is running bug bounties for FOSS

Laws and Governance

Volkswagen not following the law

Attack voting systems and get paid

Random Shit


Stacksort - Sort via stack overflow

Sed pathfinder

Random UNIX BS

Weather in Tmux

Peter norvig teachings

cat my.pdf | nc 123.45.678.910 7777

Get top 10 bash commands

history | awk '{print $2;}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn | head -10

ASCII in bash

man ascii

Git fixup

git commit --fixup

Casting in C

You only need to type cast in C if you need to know information about the data. If not accessing, can leave it as a void*

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