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Who are the parasites in Parasite? The title of Bong Joon-ho’s new international thriller almost asks us who the parasite is in his movie, Parasite. On one side, there is the poor Jan 16, 2020
Who are the parasites in Parasite? Jan 16, 2020 The title of Bong Joon-ho’s new international thriller almost asks us who the parasite is in his movie, Parasite. On one side, there is the poor The conceptual wrongs in the Soleimani killing Jan 16, 2020 Americans and the world felt a lot of rage and anger at the president, even some of his most loyal supporters in congress or in the media. Some were A Clockwork Orange and moral goodness Jan 12, 2020 How do you become good? This is the question at the heart of “A Clockwork Orange”. The answer is that its hard and it has to come from within, at The form of philosophy and film Jan 6, 2020 Most of what I have been doing lately is reading philosophy and watching all the critically acclaimed films I have been missing out on my whole Untangling ideas from our persons Jan 2, 2020 One of my philosopher professors told our class (something like this) “We just want to discuss theories in this class, I won’t attribute any My Top 10 of the Decade Dec 30, 2019 This is a list of top 10 things of the decade. After going through a lot of different stages of life, started it in middle school and ending in Hasan Minhaj and Bernard Williams - We Can’t Care About Everything Dec 27, 2019 In the last episode of The Patriot Act for 2019, Hasan gave us some advice. In our “democracy overload”, it seems as if there are so many bad War Crimes, Morality and Punishment, and the Gallagher effect Dec 27, 2019 There are atrocities and there are systemic atrocities. Neta C. Crawford presents a theory that shows the difference between an atrocity such as an Korsgaard’s Core Argument in Fellow Creatures Dec 24, 2019 This is an essay from one of my philosophy classes. I read Fellow Creatures almost three times now. It is a rich and a great book. This essay tries Nation States and Human Rights Dec 12, 2019 Lawmakers in India on Wednesday passed a fundamental change to its citizenship law to include religion as a criterion for nationality for the Misology, Eve, and Zima Blue Dec 11, 2019 In Kant’s “Conjectures on the Beginning of Human History”, Kant gives an historically Christian interpretation of how reason arose in humans. It was What is (Good, Bad) About Gentrification? Nov 30, 2019 After watching almost all of Parts Unknown, some episodes many times and most at least twice, I started to pick up on a lot of the things that Truth and Rashōmon Nov 25, 2019 Rashomon is a 1950 film by Akira Kurosawa. I saw it at the Metrograph at the strong recommendation of Matyus. When studying the ethics and Philosophy Briefs - A Perfect Moral Storm : Climate Change, Integenerational Ethics and the Problem of Moral Corruption Nov 11, 2019 Author - Stephen M. Gardiner The peculiar features of the climate change problem post substantial obstacles to our ability to make the hard Uzumaki Nov 11, 2019 is a Japanese horror manga by Junji Ito. The setting of this manga is in a small remote village near the sea. It is remote because of the Philosophy Briefs -The Hart-Fuller Debate Oct 10, 2019 Nazi Germany threw a real kink in the philosophy of legal theorists after the war was over. Nazi Germany had many laws, they had court cases, and Ode to the Bebop Oct 7, 2019 Every so often now, I think of how great Cowboy Bebop was. The first time I watched it, I did not get it (young and dumb). The second time, it Getting Cancelled and The Eel Oct 6, 2019 Lately, there is a lot of hooplah about “cancel culture”. People are angry about how its being handled. It is unclear what the repurcussions of it Beaten Oct 2, 2019 Why Lessig is Wrong about Ito and Epstein Sep 20, 2019 Why intellectuals keep perpetuation systemic injustices and why these pragmatic, utilitarian trade offs are not worth it. Pictured : Kant,
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